Linacre Media is an official broadcast partner of the NBA and serves as the primary production partner for the Westchester Knicks and Delaware 87ers of the NBA Development League, in addition to packaging numerous other pro/college athletics events for platforms like the Madison Square Garden Network, ESPN3 and the Campus Insiders Network. Linacre Media has produced events for the NBA, the BIG EAST Conference, the Atlantic 10 Conference, the Patriot League, the Ivy League, the Northeast Conference, the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference, professional boxing promoters, the ABA, the FXFL, St. John’s University and the CUNYAC.

Bolstered by experienced personnel, state-of-the-art digital broadcast equipment and H.D. mobile units based out of New York City and the Northeast, Linacre Media specializes in the creation of broadcast-quality, cost-efficient digital-to-digital and digital-to-broadcast television networks, on-site live H.D. digital production/packaging/distribution and H.D. video hardware/software procurement.

Background and Strategy

Because of recent breakthroughs in digital production and transmission technology – and a mastery of the hardware, software, infrastructure and personnel needs by Linacre Media to fully capitalize on that breakthrough – college conferences, universities and professional teams throughout the country are in a position to engage in groundbreaking digital broadcast operations.

Taking advantage of the proliferation of national multimedia, multi-screen platforms like ESPN3, FOX Sports GO and NBC Sports Live EXTRA – and the need for original content for those platforms to be distributed via television (Smart TVs, Apple TV, Xbox Live), personal computer, tablet and smartphone to national audiences across America – Linacre Media can help sports organizations and the networks themselves develop technically-efficient, cost-effective broadcast packages and agreements that yield significant opportunities for exposure, education and revenue.

Linacre Media was born out of national-leading 60-game ESPN3 packages for St. John’s University (N.Y.) in 2012-13 and 2013-14. St. John’s would go on to set a national standard with an average of 85 ESPN3 broadcasts per year originating from its campus. Linacre Media is a full-service consulting and production services company that specializes in:

  • Creation of Digital-to-Digital and Digital-to-Broadcast Networks.
  • On-Site Live H.D. Digital Production/Packaging/Distribution.
  • Hardware/Software Procurement.

Major Benefits to the Pro Team/League/University/Conference

  • Brand Expansion: National exposure, amplification of the student-athlete experience, branding as an NCAA innovator, three public service announcements per game (conference, home team, visiting team), halftime interviews/features with commissioners, coaches, student-athletes, university administrators, professors, sponsors, etc.
  • Academics: Service to each school’s entire campus via applied educational opportunities for students who are not athletes. University-based undergrads and grad students work side-by-side with TV pros on every broadcast, learning marketable skills and building careers. Opportunities to create production practicum courses, for-credit internships and paid game-day positions exist and are arranged by LINACRE Media.
  • Recruiting: Coaches and student-athletes enjoy the exposure and prestige of televised contests, and the “real world” educational aspect appeals to non-athletes interested in careers in broadcasting, production, communications, public relations, marketing, journalism, sport management and more.
  • Revenue Potential: Linacre Media has negotiated the inclusion in each game broadcast of several in-game sponsorship opportunities sold by the conference or university, e.g. pregame lineups, “brought-to-you-by” billboards, sponsored scorebug, halftime segments, play of the game, etc. These opportunities can be used to enhance relationships with existing campus or athletics department sponsors (e.g. soft drinks, banks) or create a new revenue stream. Assistance with sponsor procurement is possible.

Major Benefits to the Network Partner

  • Increase in live sports content.
  • Activation of warehoused rights.
  • Augmented vehicle to sell advertising.

Linacre Media Services

  • Linacre Media provides turnkey solutions for over-the-top school or conference-wide digital-to-digital and digital-to-broadcast H.D. sports networks.
  • Linacre Media arranges for and provides event-by-event live and on-demand production/packaging/distribution services for individual teams, schools or full conference digital and broadcast packages.
  • Linacre Media procures, integrates and operates production hardware and software for individual schools and college conferences.